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Wahoo        $660

Entry level, adult quality mountain bike.


Notable features at this price

The same frame as the more expensive Piranha, with the next level down in componentry. This is the lowest price bike we sell with the Fisher Genesis G2 ride, the same frame geometry and ride balance as the top level trail racing bikes.

Hardware overview

6061 butted and hydroformed Aluminum frame, Suntour SF9-XCM fork with adjustable preload and custom G2 geometry. Shimano Deore/Acera mix, Shimano cable disc brakes, Bontrager double wall disc rims, 32 stainless spokes per wheel, flat alloy pedals.

Why we like this bike

Lots of trail riding for little money. If you had bought a Fisher of this quality from us ten years ago it wouldn't have had disc brakes and would have cost an extra $150 in constant 2009 dollars.

Who is this bike for?

Fitness riders on a tight budget who do some trails and some dirt roads. Casual mountain bikers should enjoy a Wahoo for many years.

Growing teenagers who will grind up and spit out a trail bike in three years.

If you are an active outdoors person with skis, snowboards, rollerblades, hockey equipment, or whatever, don't be surprized if you want to upgrade from this after two years. We had one returned in 2006 because the rider realized after one ride that he really needed the next bike up. This year that would be a Piranha.

Sizes available

13, 15.5, 17.5, 19, 21
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